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Escape the hustle and bustle of the mall atmosphere. 

We have two (2) Private Treatment Rooms for a relaxing Facial experience. 

Call us at (571) 2632690 for an appointment.

Refresh your Skin, Rejuvenate your Body and Relax Your Mind.  LaviGor Beauty Bar is the first Anti Aging Face, Body and Mind wellness center and retail store of the exclusive brand LaviGor from Spain with a complete line of Skin Care Products and Food Supplements for Men and Women.  A part of the services offered are the Oxygen Bar Aromatherapy, Facial and Anti Aging Non-invasive Treatments for both men and women.

We are committed to providing safe & effective treatments, post-treatment solutions, and education to our clients for healthier skin and enhanced physical appearance. We wish to offer our clients the quality skin care and anti-aging solutions that we believe will improve their overall well-being.

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A retail store for complete line of skin care products and Food Supplements designed for men and women made from natural ingredients in Spain.

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